Supreme Display has a large variety of mannequins, bust forms and wigs for sale or rent. Our clothing Mannequins are perfect for highlighting your clothing and apparel in style. Choose from our wide selection of affordable retail dress forms and mannequins for sale, which include Fiberglass, Plastic, Headless, Realistic and Specialty. Each mannequin for sale is designed to help highlight any apparel your retail store might sell, including dresses, shirts, suits, and accessories.


Same Day Shipping is provided on all orders placed on over $200. Dress forms or mannequins are essential for any clothing business that wants to display creations and find the right fit. Choose from specialized dress forms that fit a specific individuals or a standardized dress form that fits a certain size. Use mannequins for a more realistic idea of what your clothing looks like on an individual. Mannequins also aid artists in drawing figures that can be put in a variety of poses.