Discover our selection of Dress forms and flexible dress forms! The high quality dress forms have all the attention to fit and detail that you would expect. Choose from Dressmaker Forms, Men's Suit and Shirt Forms, Wire Dress Forms, and Blouse Forms, all available in many colors and varieties. Aside from black and white, we also have coral, white lace printed, zebra printed, and white and turquoise damask printed dress forms. Our dress form bases are available in black, maple, cobblestone, and Ivory. Finish your display by topping off your dress form with one of our beautiful dress form finials. Shapes available for finials include S-shaped, artichoke, tear drop, ball, fleur de lis, and double curl. With so many beautiful options, it will be hard to choose! Covered forms are made from easily pin-able molded polyurethane foam. All clothing forms are in stock and Supreme Display offers Free Shipping in Toronto on all products orders over $200.